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Welcome to our new website which is dedicated to all those moms out there that dread hearing the words "mom, I'm bored!", we all know what it's like trying to keep kids occupied but don't despair help is at hand! We have loads of activities for kids of all ages to keep them occupied for hours!

Kids Arts and Crafts
Arts and craft projects for kids of all ages, great for keeping the kids busy on raing days! Ideas for making things out of recycled materials and stuff you will find around the house. We add new projects every week so come back and see us again soon!
Kids Activities
Online activities for kids of all ages including -
Kids Days Out UK
Days out for kids in the UK, choose from loads of great theme parks, zoo's, castles and attractions. Book online and save money on gate prices!
Kids Gift Ideas

A collection of great gift ideas for kids! Choose from our range of activity gifts including kids driving days, makeovers, sweets, personalised gifts and animal adoptions.

Of course you don't have to have your own children to enjoy our website, this website is ideal for moms, dads, granparents, teachers, chilminders, nannies or babysitters.


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