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How To Make A Wool Dolly

My nan showed me how to make these wool dollies when I was a small child and I spent hours using up odd balls of wool making whole families.

They are very quick and easy to make and you can customise them in many different ways.

Why not send us a photo of your wool dolly creations and we will add them to our collection.

You will need:
  • Left over wool
  • Oblong piece of scrap card
  • Scissors
make a wool doll


Wrap the wool around the lenght of the card untill it's quite thick.

Slip the wound up wool off the edge of the card.

make a wool doll

Cut some pieces of wool off your ball long enough to tie around the body of your doll, allow enogh for a double knot.

Tie one lenghth around the bunch of wool about a quarter way down and another form a head shape with tufty hair. (see photo)

make a wool doll

Make another bunch of wool about 2/3 the size of the first and tie off about 1/4 way from each end.

make a wool doll

Seperate the bunch of wool underneath the head you tied off earlier and put the smaller bunch through and push up towards the head.

make a wool doll

Take another length of wool and tie underneath the arms.

make a wool doll

Cut through the loops at the bottom where the legs will be formed.

make a wool doll

Take two more lenghts of wool and wrap them around the bottom of the legs to form the wool dolls feet.

Pull it tight and do a double knot.

make a wool doll

Trim off all of the straggly ends and you have your first wool dolly.

make a wool doll

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